This terms and conditions an agreement between you and 7star distributor and that shall direct the use of our services. You may also be subjected to additional terms when you purchase from us.

Waiver and

Severability Of Terms

At any time if our team at 7star distributors fail to implement any right or provision of terms and condition, such a situation does not waive that clause, if a respected court of competent jurisdiction finds the provision invalid, even then the parties should agree that the court should attempt to give effect to the parties’ intentions, while all other provisions should be applicable in its propriety.

No Right

of Survivorship and Transferability

You accept that your membership and account are non-transferable and rights to your account shall end or terminate upon your death.


Of Limitations

You must understand and acknowledge that any claim arising out of or in any way related to our company, services, or our terms and conditions shall be filed within 2 years after the claim is made otherwise it shall be ended and no legal proceeding could be done.


Please report regarding any violations of the terms and conditions of 7star distributors on the followings:

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+92 3032982298