Tea is one of the most popular drinks that Pakistanis have. People usually start their day with a cup of tea. It is one of the most popular forms of drinks that are served at parties and events. More importantly, it is one of the most popular choices of drinks in the winter. To help people decide which brand of tea to buy, we have come out with an article that highlights the best tea brands in the city.

  • Tapal

One of the most popular brands of tea in the country, Tapal has a wide range of tea products. Tapal offers some of the best brands of tea in the country and that is reflected through its various accolades that it has accomplished over the years. Its wide range of tea products includes Tapal Danedar, Tapal Family Mixture, and Tapal Green Tea.

  • Lipton

Commencing its operations all the way back in 1948, the international tea brand has become the important tea brand in the country. Its tea products are consumed by millions across the country and it comes as no surprise that their products are highly enjoyed by the masses during the winter season. Their range of products includes Lipton’s Yellow Leaf Tea, Mega Daane, Black Teabags, and Green Teabags.

  • Brooke Bond

Brooke Bond has become a staple in many Pakistani households. Its aromatic tea flavors have made it an enormously popular brand of tea among people of all ages. Brooke Bond’s brand of tea is one of the popular choices of drink at many festivities. One of the popular products of Brook Bond is their Red Label tea. It is definitely a top tea brand for one to have during this winter.

  • Vital

Another local brand that has risen up the ranks, Vital has managed to make its mark in the market with its exceptional brand of tea. They have a huge array of tea products that cater to their diverse range of customers. Their range of products includes Vital’s Round Tea Bags, Vital Tea-Black Premium Dane, and Vital Tea-Green Tea Bag Range.

source from: https://runwaypakistan.com/the-best-tea-brands-to-have-this-winter/

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